About Diamond Size Charts

Diamond Size Charts was developed over the years out of necessity. As diamond traders and manufacturers we often found ourselves in need of quick answers for questions relating to the diamond weight conversion from carats to millimetres and vice versa, be it in the classic Round Cut, or a Trilliant-Cut. 

We noticed quite quickly that while there’s no shortage of online tools that provide a solution for Round Cuts, Princess Cuts, and a few other popular best sellers, they tend to be both inaccurate, and vastly incomplete. They simply lack the diversity and richness that the diamond field consists of. 

This led to the creation of Diamond Size Charts, a free and complete, easy to access chart list of anything from Round Cuts to Tapered Bullet Cut Diamonds. We’ve decided to expand on our charts with additional useful information such as ideal depth and table for cuts that allow it, as well as ideal length to width ratios. 

Feel free to use the site, and if you enjoyed the time-saving access we kindly ask that you share it with your peers so they can enjoy it as well.

Our Background

We are the Traders, and Gemologists by trade, and developed Diamond Size Charts in the hopes to serve our industry with the same tools we use to aid ourselves and our clients.

Contact Diamond Size Charts

Have questions or suggestions about our diamond size charts? Let us know using the contact form below. 

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